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Here are some insights into their experience with our service:

The Cloverdale Reveille is a weekly newspaper published for over 127 years, primarily for the community of Cloverdale, CA, a population of approximately 8000 at the northern end of the Sonoma County wine country. Town & Country Advertising allows us to reach advertisers outside of our town without adding to our existing advertising staff. The relationship is beneficial to both the advertiser, with increased exposure for them and for the newspaper as it equates to additional advertising revenue. We appreciate the professional conduct that Town & Country brings to our organization and look forward to continuing this valuable relationship that has been in place for many years.

Neena Hanchett

The Cloverdale Reveille

Town & Country Advertising has provided us with several pages through each of the more than 15 years that we have been using them. For the most part, the ads on these special pages bring customers that the Monroe Legacy did not have before, so they increase advertising for us as well as giving the advertisers extra exposure in the area. Because we send all the advertisers a newspaper, some of them have come back to us and advertise in other editions as well. Town & Country is always a good way to help bring in extra income while bringing an extra to our readers. They are a great company to work with in their professional manner.

Kathleen Darrach

Monroe Legacy

I have worked with Town & Country for more than ten years and am happy to recommend them to newspaper publishers. Town and Country provides The Sun with extra income when they do special pages for us. Most of the accounts they sell on these pages are not regular advertisers in the newspaper so it really is additional revenue. All we have to do is provide the space for the advertisements. And now they are sent via email so there is no pasteup work to do either. Town and Country provides a valuable service. It would not be possible for us to do the kind of special pages they provide. Town and Country bills the customers for the advertising and sends us a check to cover the cost of advertisement in our newspaper. We send out tearsheets from our office to all the advertisers with the labels provided by Town and Country.

George Robertson

The Sun

I started working with Linda Gall 25 years ago. They do a great job of generating revenue, selling signature pages for a variety of community festivals and fairs. Some of the events are outside our circulation area—this is all plus business! Their sales staff are professional and represent our newspapers and shoppers in a positive way. We have always received prompt payment and never had a customer dispute their advertising purchase through Town & Country Advertising. I have thought of trying to sell some of these pages with my sales staff but realize the pages would never get sold. T & C is an extension of our sales dept that generates a lot of sales for us. If you are looking for added revenue, I strongly suggest contacting Linda or Travis.

Randy Johnson

Rock Valley Publishing, L.L.C

It has been our great pleasure to do business with Town & Country Advertising these past 10 years or more. Town & Country Advertising has helped “get or name out there” and are punctual on sending advertising pages for each special event. Their quality of workmanship is excellent. We highly recommend Town & Country Advertising to any newspaper, whether they have been publishing for nearly 100 years as we have, have been publishing for several years or are just starting out!

Jim and JoRill Jewett

Three Forks Herald

A “WIN-WIN” Situation!! Town and Country Advertising uses their resources and skills to provide The Perry Chief with extra paid advertising lineage! Their professionalism and attention to detail have made our 8 year business relationship a breeze. The placement of ad space is always done well in advance and the completed pdf arrives without any problems. Our only responsibility is to send the tear sheets with the provided printed labels….no billing on our part!

Linda Schumacher

The Perry Chief

I had the opportunity to partner with Town & Country Advertising about 3 years ago. Our 150 year old Anamosa Publications publishes a weekly shopper and newspaper. We are a small, local community/county paper with a limited staff and tremendously loyal readers! There were several outlying advertising opportunities that we were unable to connect with, but Travis and his team made it possible to bring some of those businesses to us and our readers to them. I’ve had several readers comment on the pages Town & Country sends and I’ve also had businesses contact me from those outlying areas to advertise regularly. I would definitely recommend them to any newspaper looking to expand and increase revenue!

Katie Gombert

Anamosa Town Crier & Journal-Eureka

Our paper is a small publication in the heart of Iowa with a staff of one and l/2, so at certain times of the year it is great to have an extra set of “hands” to put our paper together and increase our cash flow! Town and Country advertising is a great firm to work with and you can always count on a professionally done ad page!

Christine Davis

Mid Iowa Enterprise