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Providing specialty advertising pages to weekly newspapers

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Targeting readers of small weekly newspapers with advertisments for local businesses resulting in a positive impact for the newspaper, advertiser, and reader.


Our experienced sales team handles all the leg work and will deliver results for each local newspaper.


Giving businesses a low cost way to advertise and promote local events while reaching new customers.


Town & Country Advertising

A Phoenix-based newspaper company founded Mediabids in 1999 as a tool to automate the relationship between advertisers and print media outlets. Mediabids, the print advertising auctioneer, offers a unique opportunity for advertisers and publications to tap into new markets, increase revenues and save on costs traditionally associated with print advertising. Mediabids empowers advertisers and publications.



We do all the selling without calling in your town or contacting your advertisers. We will generate the billing and deliver to you a Print Ready file that meets your specifications. You receive your full open rate.


Our design team runs the latest Adobe software and will format all the ads to meet your printer specifications eliminating any extra work for you once the ad is sold.


Many of the businesses that advertise on our custom designed pages are repeat customers based on the positive returns directly attributed to their ad.


Our sales team is fully staffed to handle the promotion of these great local events finding businesses to continue their support each year.


By advertising holidays and local events in the newspaper small businesses get the opportunity to contribute to the community they’re invested in.

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If you are looking for ways to increase your revenue, Town & Country Advertising is the answer for you! Our friendly, professional sales staff will sell any promotable event in your area, from FFA to your local Country Fair, Festival or Special Event.

Client Testimonials

Proven to increase exposure for local newspapers and advertisers!

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I had the opportunity to partner with Town & Country Advertising about 3 years ago. Our 150 year old Anamosa Publications publishes a weekly shopper and newspaper. We are a small, local community/county paper with a limited staff and tremendously loyal readers! There were several outlying advertising opportunities that we were unable to connect with, but Travis and his team made it possible to bring some of those businesses to us and our readers to them. I’ve had several readers comment on the pages Town & Country sends and I’ve also had businesses contact me from those outlying areas to advertise regularly. I would definitely recommend them to any newspaper looking to expand and increase revenue!

Katie Gombert

Anamosa Town Crier & Journal-Eureka

Our paper is a small publication in the heart of Iowa with a staff of one and l/2, so at certain times of the year it is great to have an extra set of “hands” to put our paper together and increase our cash flow! Town and Country advertising is a great firm to work with and you can always count on a professionally done ad page!

Christine Davis

Mid Iowa Enterprise

I started working with Linda Gall 25 years ago. They do a great job of generating revenue, selling signature pages for a variety of community festivals and fairs. Some of the events are outside our circulation area—this is all plus business! Their sales staff are professional and represent our newspapers and shoppers in a positive way. We have always received prompt payment and never had a customer dispute their advertising purchase through Town & Country Advertising. I have thought of trying to sell some of these pages with my sales staff but realize the pages would never get sold. T & C is an extension of our sales dept that generates a lot of sales for us. If you are looking for added revenue, I strongly suggest contacting Linda or Travis.

Randy Johnson

Rock Valley Publishing, L.L.C

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